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Nothing in life is free. Government makes nothing, but takes everything it needs from taxpayers. The NFRW, National Republican Assemblies, and all its affiliates, fiercely believe governments focus focus on their constitutional authority and not on bankrolling special interests with other people's money.

The dedicated volunteer staff of the VCRA, Ventura County Republican Assemblies, wants to partner with YOU. As the We-The-People bosses, we must govern our elected civil servants to restore sound fiscal policy to our local, state, and national governments, and to promote proper public education for tomorrow's leaders by teaching them the 3 R's today!

State Superintendent of Schools: *2022 Budget: $128 Billion!!!

County Budget: *2022-2023 Budget: $2.7 Billion

City Councils

Camarillo: *2022-2023 Budget $155.9 Million

Fillmore: *2022-2023 Budget: $37.2 Million, p. 48

Moorpark: *2022-2023 Budget: $68.5 Million, p. 63

Ojai: *2022-2023 Budget: $13.4 Million, p. 3 & 44

Oxnard: *2022-2023 Budget: $667.2 Million, p. 11

Port Hueneme: *2022-2023 Budget: $24.1 Million p. XXVII

Santa Paula: *2022-2023 Budget: $19.7 Million, p. 12

Simi Valley: *2022-2023 Budget: $260.3 Million, Graph Tool

San Buenaventura: *2022-2023 Budget: $398.3 Million, p. VII

Thousand Oaks: *2022-2023 Budget: $228.5 Million, p. 1

Bell Canyon: *2021-2022 Budget:$995,000, p. 35 Attachment 6

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